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This is the second volume of a multi-media reception-history psalms commentary that Caroline has completed.   I was so pleased with the other volume that she was my first port of call for this one.   Yet again she has displayed that wonderful knack of combining empathy with accuracy:   in other words, she has an intuitive sense of what the book is about  (despite not being a specialist!) and maintains such a high standard in organisation and factual recall.   I couldn’t imagine asking anyone else to index my future publications! 

Professor Sue Gillingham,  author,  University of Oxford

"This was a very difficult task, and she has done a wonderful job with it. The level of detail is spot-on, and it covers very nicely topics that have their own entries as well as those which don't. I was skeptical about the need for an index, and I would not have done it myself – but as soon as I began going through this I saw how helpful it will be. Even though I have read through this manuscript a hundred times or more, I learned some new things and saw some patterns I hadn't before." 

                                                                             C. Baron, main author and editor of encyclopedia

"The index is brilliant! I had time to look at it closely, and I was amazed by how Caroline rendered the content of the book."  P. Innocenti, author (to editor)

"Wow!  I'm very impressed by the excellent work done by your team on the index! It's really perfect!  Please congratulate on my behalf your colleague for this excellent work."  I. Pezzuto, author (to editor)

"Once again, thank you so much for all your work on this, as always the index is excellent - it really was a hefty text to take on so I really appreciate your efforts with this and for returning the index so promptly."  D. Shervington, editor

"This looks wonderful, thanks so much for your work on this and for such a speedy return date!" 

E. Pace, editor

"Fantastic work on the index." R. King-Dorset, author

"I think this is one of the most useful indexes I've ever seen."  T. Jackson, author

"The index was excellent, thank you. Very professionally done." D. Heath, editor