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Privacy Policy

I, Caroline Jones, am a registered sole trader operating as Osprey Indexing.  I offer indexing services to publishers and authors worldwide.

This policy describes how I collect, use and protect information you give me.  If you give me any information, it will only ever be used in ways stated in this policy.

This privacy policy was last updated on 25 May 2018.

Why do I collect data from you?

I collect and use certain information about you in order to

  • respond to your requests (e.g., my availability or a quote for indexing services)

  • contact you with queries while working on an indexing project with you

What information do I collect from you?

  • name

  • email address

  • phone number, if you provide one

  • information pertinent to your enquiry (e.g., subject matter, word count, return date)

If we agree to work together, then I was will also collect
  • Purchase Order details from your accounts department, if you supply them

  • name and postal address to be used on invoices

  • files required for the work

How do I use this data?
  • To contact you in response to your initial enquiry

  • To record our agreement about the terms and conditions of my indexing services

  • To contact you with queries during the indexing process

  • For my internal accounting (invoices) and to to be compliant with HMRC regulations

  • To contact you about future indexing work

  • I occasionally use your email address to send ecards, especially at Christmas and New Year.  The vendor I use is Jacqui Lawson.  Their privacy policy is available here. If you would rather I do not send you ecards, please let me know.
Please be assured that I do not collect cookies.  Also, I will never use your data for marketing purposes (e.g., to publish a testimonial on my website) withour your written permission.

How do I store your personal data?

The information I collect via email is stored on my password-protected email accounts. These accounts are:
  • Fasthosts. This is my website host and where my main business email address resides.  Their privacy notice is available here.

  • Google's Gmail. I use Google as a secondary email address.  Their privacy policy is available here
I also keep your contact details in an Excel spreadsheet on the hard drive of my password-protected computers (desktop and laptop) and in a physical card file.

I do not keep any personal data on any cloud service, unless you ask me to share files via Dropbox.  I do keep copies of completed indexes on Dropbox.  Their privacy policy is available here.

How long do I keep your data?

As most of my clients work with me many times, I do not delete personal data unless specifically asked to do so.  I keep personal data for a minimum of seven years to comply with HMRC regulations.

I keep PDF files of proofs until the book is published, then I delete them.

I keep files of the completed indexes for an unlimited amount of time, unless asked to delete them.

With whom is your data shared?

I do not share your personal information with third parties unless
  • You send a written request asking me to share it (e.g., when you want my help to find another indexer for a project)

  • I am required to do so by law (e.g., as part of a tax audit)

Accessing, deleting or correcting your information:

You have the right to know what personal data I hold on you and to request a copy.  You also have the right to delete or correct this information.  To do so, please email me.